A straightforward procedure in conjunction with cataract surgery

Watch the implantation of the Hydrus Microstent

Using a gonioprism, the Hydrus Microstent is inserted through a clear corneal incision and guided through the trabecular meshwork into Schlemm’s canal.

Once in position, the Hydrus Microstent is advanced until the device has scaffolded 90° of the canal, ensuring consistent access to collector channels.

Hydrus Microstent procedure:

Implantation of the Hydrus Microstent is straightforward and the device is delivered via a preloaded stainless steel cannula. Advantages of the procedure include:

Ab interno canal-based approach
Implantation into Schlemm’s Canal, the eye’s natural drainage channel, which is considered a safe anatomical target and a suitable first-line therapy for implantable MIGS devices

Confirmation of placement
Immediate and direct visual confirmation of successful implantation with minimal learning curve1

No stent targeting
90° span ensures consistent access to multiple collector channels, and eliminates the need for stent targeting

See the Hydrus Microstent’s performance in clinical trials.

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