Hydrus Microstent helps to reduce eye pressure in 3 ways

The Hydrus Microstent was designed to enhance fluid outflow in multiple ways to help patients to reduce eye pressure.

Enhancing outflow

Hydrus Microstent is placed in Schlemm’s canal, a part of the drainage system of the eye. Fluid then flows along the canal (via the Hydrus Microstent) and into the eye’s natural outflow channel to reduce eye pressure.*

Expanding the eye’s natural fluid pathway

Hydrus Microstent delicately expands the natural width of Schlemm’s canal, allowing for enhanced flow through the eye’s drainage system to help reduce eye pressure.

Engineered to reduce eye pressure

Hydrus Microstent spans approximately 90° within the eye. This coverage ensures that fluid reaches the eye’s drainage system, which carries fluid from Schlemm’s canal to the body’s circulatory system to reduce eye pressure reliably.

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