Glaucoma treatment options

Treatment for primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is aimed at lowering pressure to prevent further loss of vision. There are several options available and current therapies include prescription eye drops, laser therapy, and surgery. The advent of minimally invasive glaucoma devices, such as the Hydrus Microstent, offers an innovative solution designed to effectively reduce eye pressure and reliance on medical eye drops. Based on the severity of your glaucoma, your doctor will recommend a treatment specific to your needs.

Prescription eye drops

Eye drops are often the first treatment choice for early-stage glaucoma. When taken properly, they decrease eye pressure by helping the eye’s fluid to drain better and/or decrease the amount of fluid made by the eye. If eye drops do not reduce eye pressure enough, your doctor may prescribe additional medications.

Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) treatment

SLT uses short pulses of low energy laser to target specific cells in the drainage system of the eye to stimulate improved function. It is typically used when eye drop medications are not lowering the eye pressure enough or are causing significant side effects. It can also be used as an initial treatment for glaucoma.

Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS)

Minimally invasive implants are designed to safely and effectively restore flow of fluid in the eye. The Hydrus Microstent is a MIGS device that is either implanted at the same time as cataract surgery or as a stand-alone therapy, to help reduce eye pressure and may eliminate your medication burden.

Tube shunt drainage devices

If eye drops or other therapies are unable to properly control eye pressure, tube shunts may be an option. They are flexible drainage devices that are implanted in the eye to help drain excess fluid.

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