Supported by high quality clinical outcomes in stand-alone glaucoma

The COMPARE Study (stand-alone procedure)

The first prospective, randomized, multicenter, trial comparing Hydrus Microstent vs 2 iStent® Trabecular Micro Bypass implants without the confounding effect of cataract surgery. The study enrolled patients globally-152 patients at 12 centers in 9 countries.1

Compared to the 2 iStent device group, Hydrus Microstent was statistically superior in:

  • Frequency of medication-free eyesHydrus Microstent, 47% vs 24% for 2 iStent group1
  • Lowering medication countMean medication reduction of 1.6 (61%) vs 1.0 (37%) in the 2 iStent group vs baseline1
  • Comparable safety between the Hydrus Microstent group and the 2 iStent group1

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