The first and only MIGS device with clinical results from a pivotal trial reported at 4 years

The HORIZON study: The largest, prospective, randomized, controlled MIGS pivotal trial to date

The first MIGS pivotal trial to enroll patients globally—556 patients at 38 centers in 9 countries
Established long term durability of both effectiveness and safety at 4 years.

Represents the highest margin of complete medication elimination when compared to a control group reported for any MIGS pivotal trial at 4 years.1

Represents a 65% reduction in 4-Year risk of SSI (including trabeculectomy and tube shunts) when compared to cataract surgery alone.1

Safety profile similar to cataract surgery alone1:

HORIZON Pivotal Trial- Best in Class outcomes at 2-years

Clinical outcomes showed the largest improvement compared to cataract surgery alone for IOP reduction and medication elimination of any MIGS pivotal trial.2-5,†

Proven, durable outcomes2
Compared to results with cataract surgery alone, the Hydrus Microstent treatment effect showed increased benefits from year 1 to year 2.

Treatment effect in the Hydrus Microstent group improved from year 1 to year 2 compared to cataract surgery alone.2

The Hydrus Microstent – delivering a new confidence in the treatment of mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma:

Glaucoma drop elimination

Clinically proven, 4-year outcomes showing continued benefit for elimination of glaucoma medication.1

Superior long-term IOP reduction

Largest reported IOP reduction compared to control in a MIGS pivotal trial reported to date2-5,†

Reduction in invasive secondary surgeries

3x reduction in risk of SSI for Hydrus Microstent patients compared to cataract surgery alone.1

Outstanding safety profile

The overall safety profile of cataract surgery plus implantation of the Hydrus Microstent was similar to cataract surgery alone, including stabilization of ECL and the incidence of PAS through to 4 years.1

See the Hydrus Microstent's performance in The COMPARE Study.

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